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Exploring the Connection Between Bipolar and Addiction

Bipolar disorder and substance use disorders are two serious mental health conditions. Living with one or the other is difficult, but experiencing both can cause considerable struggles. What is the connection between bipolar and addiction, and how can you find help if you’re struggling with these co-occurring disorders? What is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness that affects how a person thinks, feels, and acts. It affects

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Generalized Anxiety: Daily Impact on Life & Relationships | Steps to Recovery

Navigating things like work, school, and relationships can sometimes be tough for everyone. Everyone experiences worries and fears surrounding these important areas from time to time. However, living with generalized anxiety disorder presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to these aspects of life. Normal anxiety leads to fears or worries about specific events or situations like deadlines, exams, or medical appointments. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) causes constant

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When Is It Time to Seek Mental Health Treatment?

Everyone experiences difficulties from time to time. Whether it’s stressful times at work, strain in a romantic relationship, problems with a family member, or some other trial, no one is exempt from the inevitable struggles of life. Sometimes these struggles include mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, or substance use. It’s normal to feel down after a significant challenge in life, but when is it time to consider a


How Long Does Depression Last After Quitting Alcohol?

Choosing to quit alcohol can prove challenging for people looking to positively change their lives. Alcohol addiction can become so ingrained in a person that when they begin to move away from their old ways, symptoms of depression can develop. As you start getting sober, one can only wonder — how long will the depression last after quitting alcohol? Defining Depression Depression is a complex condition that presents itself differently


12 Ways to Take Care Of Your Mental Health

How to Improve Your Wellbeing This Mental Health Awareness Month May is nationally recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. While this month serves as a great opportunity to focus on your mental health, this is a habit that everyone should be practicing throughout the year. Whether someone has a diagnosed mental health condition or not, they’re encouraged to take small steps each day in the interest of improving their overall


Anxiety In Boys & Men

Causes, Signs, and Treatment Options for Anxiety in Men and Boys Let’s talk about the stigma of anxiety in men. In society, men and boys are constantly expected to be tough, emotionless, and able to battle anything. With all of this pressure surrounding strength and masculinity, it’s no secret why boys & men want to hide and suppress when they are feeling less than their best or struggling with mental


How to Cope With Having Narcissistic Parents

Having a narcissistic parent can be very traumatizing and damaging to a person’s well-being and mental health. Being raised by a narcissist can weigh on a person far into adulthood. And, unfortunately, there is no rule book for how to handle another person’s narcissism. Keep reading to learn more about narcissism and get tips for dealing with a parent who is narcissistic. What Is Narcissism? Since the term ‘narcissist’ is


The Impact of Generational Trauma

You’ve probably heard of “trauma” before, especially when associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This mental complication usually entails flashbacks, unpredictable emotions, and a set of physical symptoms. According to VeryWell Health, trauma is defined as “a person’s emotional response to a tragic event.” These can include accidents, sexual violence, natural disasters, and more. While there is only one term to describe it, trauma is different for everyone. There are many

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When Is It Time to Receive A Psychological Evaluation?

Psych evaluations can help determine if you or a loved one is suffering from a physical disorder, a mental illness, or a substance abuse disorder. How do you know when and if it’s the right time to take the step of talking to your doctor or psychologist about a psychological assessment?   The Basics & Benefits of Psychological Evaluations Psychological evaluations, also known as psychological tests, are used to diagnose


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