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woman about to run wonders how much exercise is too much

How Much Exercise is Too Much?

Nutrition and exercise are two important foundations for good health. In fact, promotions abound that living a healthy lifestyle requires daily exercise. The “more is better” adage has become the norm leading many to wonder how much exercise is too much? A person may have good intentions when they begin an exercise routine. They use fitness apps or wearable devices to keep track of their progress. These tools may drive

woman on International Survivors of Suicide Day

International Survivors of Suicide Day

Suicide can have devastating effects on the family and friends left behind. Being identified as suicide survivors is a very difficult title to carry. However, healing and moving forward is possible. To do this, some people may choose to participate in events like the International Survivors of Suicide Day. This event gives survivors a supportive place to join others on their grief journey. What is International Survivors of Suicide Day?

young woman suffering from psychotic breaks

What Are Psychotic Breaks?

What do you think of when you hear the term “psychotic breaks?” More than likely, you don’t think of anything good. Both words “psychotic” and “breaks” have negative meanings attached to them. To truly understand this phrase, you have to learn more about it. What Are Psychotic Breaks? You may think of a psychotic break as a very abrupt or harsh break from reality. In some cases, this is true.

man suffering from alcohol and depression

Is there a Connection Between Alcohol and Depression?

Alcohol is on the menu for most any celebration. If you want to be happy and cheerful, you drink. However, there’s a dark side to the drug. For instance, did you know that there’s a connection between alcohol and depression? The Alcohol High and Low Have a drink or two, and you’ll notice your inhibitions slipping. You’re more at ease in social situations. You feel like you’re relaxing. In contrast,

adolescent suffering with the symptoms of severe depression

The Symptoms of Severe Depression

Many mental disorders can spur from the development of substance use disorder. One example is severe depression. People who suffer from this disorder often turn to drugs to lessen the symptoms of severe depression. To fully understand the dangers that this condition poses, you have to learn more about it. What Is Depression? Depression is a type of mood disorder that can affect people’s thoughts, feelings and moods. In general,

girl struggling but wondering the difference between anxiety attack vs panic attack

Anxiety Attack vs Panic Attack: Knowing the Difference

Addiction starts for a variety of different reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is when you have a mental illness. Dealing with symptoms of anxiety and panic can be extremely difficult and make it hard to live normally. For many people, turning to drugs or alcohol seems like the only way to manage their symptoms, but it isn’t. Understanding the differences of an anxiety attack vs panic attack can

young girl wonders which of the types of eating disorders she suffers from

Understanding the Different Types of Eating Disorders

When dealing with an overwhelming addiction problem, it’s easy to disregard the impact of mental illness. However, drug and alcohol abuse often don’t occur alone. For example, types of eating disorders can have a devastating effect on someone’s life. They can also occur in conjunction with addiction. Understanding the interaction between eating disorders and substance abuse can help direct you towards the care you or your loved one may need.

evidence of eating disorders in teens

Types of Eating Disorders in Teens

The abuse of food is on par with the misuse of drugs or alcohol. The behavior directly affects the brain’s reward center. It seeks to stimulate it artificially. For many, it starts as eating disorders in teens before graduating to similar conditions in adulthood. Common Eating Disorders in Teens Although eating disorders seem to occur more frequently in teen girls, they also happen in boys. Don’t believe that your adolescent

young man in the service suffering from ptsd and addiction

PTSD and Addiction: Is There a Connection?

There’s a major stigma that surrounds addiction because many people believe it to be a choice. While it’s a choice to pick up a drink or a drug in most cases, many people also struggle with mental health issues. For many people abusing substances, PTSD and addiction go hand-in-hand. You might be someone who suffered a traumatic experience and turning to drugs or alcohol was the only way you knew


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