Are you wondering, what is talk therapy? If you’re seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, you may have come across the term. Maybe it makes you anxious, especially if you’ve had a hard time talking about your substance abuse problem before. Learning what this type of therapy is and how it can help in addiction treatment will put your mind at ease.

What Is Talk Therapy in Addiction Treatment?

woman learning the answer to what is talk therapyWhen you enter a drug rehab program, the overall aim is to guide you toward lifelong recovery. This requires different types of therapy.

Talk therapy is also known as psychotherapy, and it’s simply the process of talking to a counselor. Generally, you sit down with a therapist one-on-one and talk through various issues.

What is talk therapy in addiction treatment? Specifically, this type of therapy in rehab is designed to uncover the core issues that contributed to drug and alcohol abuse. You may have unresolved trauma in your past, or you might have a hard time coping with stress.

By getting to the root causes of addiction, you can begin to make progress toward overcoming it.

You also have to learn how to manage negative emotions. This doesn’t mean you’ll never be angry or sad again. Feeling various emotions is part of being human. However, if an inability to cope with your emotions is one of the factors that contributed to addiction, managing them in positive ways (instead of using) is helpful.

What Is Talk Therapy Beneficial For?

Not everyone feels like they can freely talk to other people about their problems. When they feel repressed and unable to express themselves or their emotions, they might cope the only way they know how: by using.

Just being able to talk to someone about your worries, concerns, anxieties, and fears can take pressure off of you. Whether it’s one-on-one psychotherapy or a group counseling session, sharing with and supporting others is often cathartic.

What is talk therapy useful for? You can discuss painful events from your past that have prevented you from moving forward with your life. In addition, it can help you find your voice, making you feel more confident. The better you feel about yourself, the less likely you are to seek validation in substance abuse.

Lasting Recovery Is Within Your Reach

Steps to Recovery is a treatment center that provides Pennsylvania addiction recovery services that help men and women heal from the damage that drug and alcohol abuse has done. We maintain an intimate environment with a small staff-to-client ratio, giving each individual the customized care he or she deserves.

The addiction therapy services we offer include:

Let the caring team at our rehab facility start you on the path to lasting recovery. We believe that accessible, authentic care gives you a great chance at improved health and happiness. What is talk therapy? Reach to our team to find out.  Call Steps to Recovery today at 267.209.7312 for more information.