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How to Cure a Hangover

How To Cure A Hangover At Home Almost everyone over the age of 21 who recreationally drinks alcohol has struggled with a hangover at some point in their lives. If you’ve had a hangover before, you most likely understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient the symptoms can be. You’ve also probably wished that you could cure what you’re feeling without having to move from your bed. We created this guide to

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Can You Drink the Night Before A Drug Test?

Generally, drug tests are administered when someone is starting a new job or has another commitment that requires drug-free behavior. All of us know what these tests are, but not all of us are familiar with their specifics. The most frequently asked question about drug tests is will alcohol show up on drug test? The answer is that it depends. The purpose of this blog post is to explain how

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How Long Does a Glass of Wine Stay in Your System?

How much will “just one glass” affect you? Let’s start with the basics: alcohol, as a whole, is a depressant that typically has a short life span in the body. One type of alcohol (wine) is most known for being extremely diverse in flavors and effects, being beneficial for health, and proving helpful for various individuals. But of course, like other kinds of alcohol, wine can impact your body &

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How to Stop Being an Angry Drunk

Alcohol abuse and dependency impact millions of Americans annually. Alcohol is prone to addiction because of the euphoric effects it causes when you become intoxicated. It can make you physically and psychologically dependent, causing painful and serious withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism increase your risk of engaging in dangerous behaviors, like driving while intoxicated and psychical altercations. Since alcohol reduces anxiety and decreases inhibitions, intoxication


The Risk of Alcoholism in College Students

After graduating from high school, parents and students are always excited when college finally starts. While this a thrilling time for young adults, it also carries potential pitfalls. Alcoholism in college students can quickly develop if the student engages in social drinking or binge drinking. Before long, alcohol can affect the student’s physical health, academic performance, family life, and future. What Causes Alcoholism in College Students? The tragedy of alcoholism


How to Stop Binge Drinking

Sometimes, people think that substance abuse means someone drinks every single day. In reality, binge drinking is another form of substance abuse. Learning how to stop binge drinking is just one step in recovering from alcohol addiction. What Is Binge Drinking? Binge drinking involves drinking enough to make your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or higher than 0.08 grams percent. For a woman, this works out to about four drinks


How Long Does It Take to Detox From Alcohol

When patients decide to become sober, one of their first questions is, “How long does it take to detox from alcohol?” The exact length of detox varies because of the individual’s physical health, addiction history, and other factors. Because of withdrawal symptoms, it is imperative that clients go to a treatment center when they decide to quit using. How Long Does It Take to Detox From Alcohol? The short answer

an example of alcoholic parents

Do I Have Alcoholic Parents?

When people have a severe problem with alcohol, it affects their entire family. If you believe you have alcoholic parents, it’s important to understand the definition of alcoholism as well as warning signs that can help you to determine the severity of your family’s situation. Only then will you know if you would benefit from professional help. What Is Alcoholism? Many people can have a drink or two now and

man suffering from alcohol and depression

Is there a Connection Between Alcohol and Depression?

Alcohol is on the menu for most any celebration. If you want to be happy and cheerful, you drink. However, there’s a dark side to the drug. For instance, did you know that there’s a connection between alcohol and depression? The Alcohol High and Low Have a drink or two, and you’ll notice your inhibitions slipping. You’re more at ease in social situations. You feel like you’re relaxing. In contrast,

man is not sure how to quit drinking alcohol

How to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Learning how to quit drinking alcohol isn’t always easy. Some people can stop drinking whenever they want. Others have an unquenchable thirst for the drug that gets worse the less that they drink. When this happens, learning how to give up alcohol takes more than just willpower. How to Quit Drinking Alcohol Before people can learn how to quit drinking alcohol, they have to ask themselves if they’re ready for


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