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Why You Feel Strange After Doing Coke

Cocaine, otherwise known as “coke,” is an illicit drug that individuals use recreationally. This powerful substance can cause a high sensation and can make people feel extremely unusual after taking it. This feeling may have them asking, “why do I feel weird after doing coke?”   What Is Coke? A highly addictive stimulant drug, coke works by increasing a person’s levels of alertness, attention, and energy. This substance is illegal


How To Ease Xanax Withdrawal

Xanax: An Introduction One of the most widely used prescription drugs in the benzodiazepine category, Xanax is a medication that decreases abnormal excitement in the brain and produces a calming sensation. Xanax, which is the brand name for the generic drug alprazolam, is designed for individuals who struggle with anxiety and panic disorders. It is a controlled substance, which means it can be extremely addictive and should only be used


Is Etizolam Addictive?

What Are Etizolam Tablets? Etizolam, which is in the benzodiazepine category of drugs, works by depressing the central nervous system (CNS). It has many similarities with other benzodiazepines, but the chemical makeup of etizolam is different. It has the most in common with drugs such as Diazepam and Valium. This substance is available as both a tablet and a powder but is more commonly found in tablet form. Though it


A Guide to Schedule 5 Substances

Do you know what it means when a drug is grouped into a certain schedule? Simply put, drug schedules are used to determine how addictive a substance may be. Since Schedule I substances are completely different from Schedule V substances when it comes to their strength and impact, it’s important to know the difference between these categories.   The Basics of Drug Scheduling The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) groups all

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Is 100 mg of Ritalin Too Much?

Ritalin Dosage and Responsible Use Ritalin is a medication that is commonly used by adolescents with ADHD. Since it is a very powerful medication that comes with the potential of addiction, it’s imperative for parents to keep an eye on their child’s dose and use of Ritalin. So how do you know how much is too much?   What Is Ritalin? Ritalin is a brand name of a prescription medication

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What Happens If Someone Drinks Too Much Robitussin?

It’s likely that you’ve seen, heard of, or taken Robitussin before. Even though this common medicine can be found on the shelves of our local pharmacies, it may be more harmful than we realize if it isn’t used properly. So what would happen if you drank too much Robitussin?   What Is Robitussin? Robitussin is the brand name for a collection of over-the-counter cold and flu medicines. Doctors also might

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What Does Xanax Do To You?

You’ve probably heard of the drug “Xanax” before. Some people have a Xanax prescription and use the medication responsibly without misusing it, while other individuals may use it illegally and/or become dependent on it. Xanax can be beneficial in some cases and potentially dangerous in others, so it is important to know what to expect before using the drug.  What is Xanax? Xanax is the brand name for alprazolam, a

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Can You Detox From Benzos At Home?

What Are Benzos? The term “benzos” is a shortened name for benzodiazepines, a type of central nervous system depressant. Benzodiazepines are prescribed to treat conditions like alcohol withdrawal, anxiety, panic disorder, and seizures. While many people who take benzodiazepines use them for medical reasons, some individuals illegally purchase and abuse this type of drug. Some examples of benzos include Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, Librium, and Valium. Most benzodiazepines work by attaching

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Natural vs. Synthetic Drugs

  A Comprehensive List of Natural & Synthetic Drugs Today, many of the illicit drugs that individuals use to achieve a “high” sensation are synthetic to increase pleasure and intensity. However, many of these synthetic substances come from natural drugs that can still be found on the earth today. So how do you know if a drug is considered natural/organic or synthetic?   What Makes A Drug “Natural?” As the

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Why You Should Wean Off Topamax

What Is Topamax? Topamax, which also comes in a generic version called topiramate, is a brand-name prescription medication that belongs to the anticonvulsant category of drugs. This medication, which is FDA-approved for certain uses, comes in two forms: a tablet and a sprinkle capsule. Patients take Topamax to treat migraine headaches or seizures that may or may not be caused by epilepsy. While Topamax is only approved to ease migraines


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