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14 Types of Holistic Health Practices

An Overview of Holistic Health Where does disease come from? And what can we do to combat diseases on our own while maintaining our health? These are questions that might seem hard to answer, but holistic healing helps us get one step closer. Holistic health, otherwise known as holistic healing, is based on the belief that disease is caused by a problem in the whole body as opposed to one


The Connection Between Exercise and Addiction Recovery

People call it addiction recovery for a reason. During this time, the mind, body, and spirit start recovering and healing from addiction. To do this successfully, individuals have to support their body through the right nutrition and physical fitness program. Exercise and addiction recovery programs work together to help patients become sober. How Exercise and Addiction Recovery Work There are a number of benefits that people can enjoy through exercise

woman about to run wonders how much exercise is too much

How Much Exercise is Too Much?

Nutrition and exercise are two important foundations for good health. In fact, promotions abound that living a healthy lifestyle requires daily exercise. The “more is better” adage has become the norm leading many to wonder how much exercise is too much? A person may have good intentions when they begin an exercise routine. They use fitness apps or wearable devices to keep track of their progress. These tools may drive

young woman suffering from psychotic breaks

What Are Psychotic Breaks?

What do you think of when you hear the term “psychotic breaks?” More than likely, you don’t think of anything good. Both words “psychotic” and “breaks” have negative meanings attached to them. To truly understand this phrase, you have to learn more about it. What Are Psychotic Breaks? You may think of a psychotic break as a very abrupt or harsh break from reality. In some cases, this is true.

woman experiencing the benefits of meditation

What Are the Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation is becoming a big part of addiction rehab. In fact, many centers use it alongside rehab staples such as group and individual therapies. Why is meditation therapy making such a significant impact on addiction treatment services? The reason has to do with the benefits of meditation. What Is Meditation Therapy? Before getting into the benefits of meditation, let’s take a closer look at meditation as a whole. Meditation therapy

addiction and family becoming difficult with a child involved

Addiction and Family: Getting Past the Hurt

Anyone experiencing addiction knows just how damaging it can be. Not only does it impact the life of the person abusing drugs and alcohol, but it also affects their loved ones as well. Addiction and family issues are closely linked. How well your family unit recovers has a lot to do with the treatment you or a loved one receives. Addiction and Family Damage Whether you’re a parent, sibling, spouse,

Group Therapy for Drug Addiction

What Is a Holistic Treatment Center for Addiction?

Addiction is an all-inclusive disease that’s potentially deadly for its victims. Its insatiable appetite for substances leaves a trail of death, destruction and despair. Addiction is a complex disease that historically hasn’t been well understood. It doesn’t happen the same way for any two people and it isn’t overcome all that easily. Sadly, conventional inpatient rehab tends to take a relatively superficial approach to addiction treatment that can fail to


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