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6 Tips For Finding A New Job After Rehab

Because of the effects of heavy drug & alcohol use, it can be difficult for people who have substance abuse issues to keep a job or start a new position – and it can be even more complicated when these individuals decide to get sober and start the recovery process. There are some obstacles that might get in the way of the career search for a person who just got

Grateful people don't relapse addiction treatment

Grateful People Don’t Relapse

Grateful people don’t relapse. When an addict can find gratitude in their life consistently, the potential for relapse decreases incredibly. People who enjoy their life, appreciate what they have gone through and how far they have come, and cherish the journey they are on to reach their goals are simply happier, and far less likely to fall into the mindset that leads to participating in harmful behavior. When you find

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Differences Between AA and Al-Anon

When it comes to treatment and support for alcoholism, there are many methods out there that are designed to help those suffering from substance abuse and their family members. Recently, different types of groups have been invented to include individuals struggling with different issues who prefer a specific atmosphere. So with all of the options out there, it may be difficult to determine the differences between each type of alcoholism

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Where Did The 12 Steps Originate

The History of the Famous Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Program   What Is the 12 Step Program? The 12 Step Program is a program used in substance abuse recovery groups, primarily AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). It was originally designed to help those struggling with alcoholism, and is now a building block toward sobriety. There are several versions of AA; since the original program was based on Christianity, there are now more secular

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What’s the Difference Between Celebrate Recovery & AA?

Deciding to quit using a substance is the first step toward achieving recovery. Next is detoxing, and after that comes perhaps the most important step: finding treatment. One of the most popular forms of addiction treatment is group meetings. Many groups and programs have been designed over the past few decades to help offer support and accountability to those suffering from a substance abuse disorder. There are two leading types

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Why Don’t People Seek Therapy?

10 Reasons Why Individuals With Mental Health Issues May Resist Treatment   The Benefits of Therapy & Counseling Therapy provides a wide range of tools to help people live happy and healthy lives. Sessions can occur one-on-one with a therapist, with a couple or family, or in a group of people going through a similar situation. By attending therapy, you can: Talk to someone who you don’t have a relationship

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What is Experience, Strength and Hope?

In recovery there are many clichés and phrases which are repeated often in 12-step support meetings. You may also hear these same phrases in a group setting typically found in an inpatient or outpatient treatment center.  These clichés are often used frequently in recovery, because they mean a lot to the recovering person and are concepts that are believed to be easily grasped when repeated in settings like meetings or

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How to Be Sober and Keep Your Friends

I am sure you have heard the popular recovery cliché, “Stay away from old people, places and things.”  This statement is a heavily emphasized suggestion for any newcomer coming into recovery, because it is a strong belief that it is important to distance yourself from things that may trigger or surround you with your old lifestyle which could lead you back to using drugs and alcohol.  The other side of

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How to Rebuild Relationships After Recovering from Addiction

When an individual is in their active addiction they are faced with a lot of consequences from physical to financial losses but also their support system and family support are typically affected as well. When you are starting your recovery process this can be overwhelming in regards to focusing on not only making amends with those in your life that you feel you have hurt or affected but also can

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Marriage in Recovery

Dana’s Perspective If you’re familiar with 12-step recovery, you may have heard that it’s best to stay out of new relationships within your first year of getting clean. While this is not a requirement to find or maintain recovery, there are some valid reasons for this advice. Relationships are not easy for most of us as humans and may be particularly more challenging for those in early recovery.  Not only


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