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Hiking with friends is so fun. Group of young people with backpacks hiking together

10 Fun Things to do When You Are Sober

In the beginning of sobriety, trying to find fun activities can seem hard.  Typically, this can be due to the fact that almost everything prior to getting sober involved drugs and alcohol.  Now, you have to find new ways to have fun that do not involve any mind or mood-altering substances. Sometimes it can feel like there is almost nothing you can do that doesn’t involve drugs or alcohol, but


Ways to Find Sober Friends

Entering into recovery for the first time can be scary, nerve-wracking, anxiety provoking and can sometimes feel lonely.  We hear all the suggestions about ‘building a network’, ‘get to know people’, ‘let people get to know you’, as well as the ones about changing ‘people, places and things.’  This often feels overwhelming; especially when we don’t even know where to start in meeting new, sober friends.  There is, however, some

a man holding an addictive substance thinking what causes addiction

What Causes Addiction

Many people wonder what causes addiction. Initially, people believed that addiction was simply a black and white choice. And that people that fell prey to it did so because of moral shortcomings. This is no longer the case. As science has progressed, we have learned that addiction can stem from many things. Currently, people see addiction as a disease. This point of view is controversial, but it is more important

a patient asking What Is a Process Addiction

What is a Process Addiction?

Addiction can be physical or psychological. While drugs and alcohol can be physically addictive, other behaviors like sex, gambling or shopping can also be addictive. Both types of addictions can impact your brain chemistry and change your pleasure and reward center. While physical addictions to things like alcohol and opiates can cause physical withdrawal, psychological and behavioral addictions can be just as difficult to overcome. Certain behavioral and psychological addictions


What to Bring to Rehab

When people go to rehab for the first time, they often wonder what they should take. Every rehab center is different with regard to what they allow inside of their facilities. When you decide what to bring to rehab, there are a few necessities that you should pack. While most rehab centers allow these necessities, it’s still good to contact your facility beforehand to learn about specific rules. What to


Am I an Enabler?

When you love someone, you want to help him or her in any way possible during troubling times. Unfortunately, there’s a fine line between helping and enabling when your loved one has an addiction. In fact, this line is so fine that you may wonder, “Am I an enabler?” If you are, the best way to help your loved one is to stop enabling his or her behavior. Am I


Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health plays a vital role in helping people fight addiction. In fact, addiction is a mental health disorder. For this reason, some people choose to address addiction during Mental Health Awareness Month. This event takes place every May. What Is Mental Health Awareness Month? Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM) is an event that Mental Health America (MHA) dedicates to raising awareness for mental problems. The goal is to remove


Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

“Does insurance cover rehab?” is a common question for individuals starting addiction treatment. Like any medical treatment, patients have to pay a facility to receive treatment. Depending on the patient’s insurance coverage, they may have to pay none or a part of the actual treatment costs. Does Insurance Cover Rehab? Before going to rehab, individuals can talk to an addiction counselor to discover the answer to, “Does insurance cover rehab?”


World Bipolar Day

World Bipolar Day happens once a year. This year, the event will be on March 30, 2019. Advocates picked that day because it also happens to be the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh. While he never received a mental diagnosis, modern therapists believe he probably had bipolar disorder. What Is World Bipolar Day? World Bipolar Day began as a joint initiative of the International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF), the Asian Network


What Is Trauma Informed Care

Trauma informed care is a type of program individuals can find at addiction treatment centers. Often, a history of trauma or a mental illness happens before someone develops an addiction. They may use the addiction to cope with these unresolved feelings, symptoms, and problems. To successfully become and stay sober, individuals need to treat the underlying trauma during addiction therapy services. What Is Trauma Informed Care? A traumatic reaction is


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