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An emptied pill bottle illustrates the opioid epidemic

The Opioid Epidemic

The opioid crisis, sometimes referred to as the opioid epidemic, is taking the lives of people in every community annually. However, many people aren’t aware of the extent of the problem. Prescription Narcotic Abuse Opioids are narcotic painkillers available with a prescription. They act similarly to heroin and are almost as addictive. Many people start using opioids for valid reasons. For example, doctors often prescribe them to manage severe injuries

A man wonders about marijuana vs alcohol while smoking a blunt

Marijuana vs Alcohol Effects

Alcohol and cannabis are both psychoactive substances. However, they produce different results in the body. Experts may have conflicting opinions regarding the safety and health effects of marijuana vs alcohol. Regardless, both substances are addictive and can negatively impact your health. Effects Of Alcohol In 2012, the World Health Organization reported that almost 6 percent of deaths around the world were related to alcohol consumption. Overall, alcohol affects memory, balance,

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4 Klonopin Side Effects

Klonopin (clonazepam) is a prescription sedative in the benzodiazepine class. It works to balance chemicals in the brain and medical professionals often prescribe it to treat seizure and anxiety disorders. However, because of its addictive qualities, doctors only recommend its use for short periods. Learning about the side effects of Klonopin can help you determine if you or someone you love has a dangerous dependence. Klonopin Side Effects If you

A women is conflicted about what type of drug is heroin

What Type of Drug is Heroin?

Although many people know heroin is dangerous, few people truly know why. What type of drug is heroin, exactly? Take an in-depth look at identifying the illicit substance, why it’s so addictive, and how you can overcome dependence. What Type of Drug is Heroin? First and foremost, heroin is an opioid drug. This means it’s from the pods of opium poppy plants. Typically, heroin comes from Southeast Asia. Furthermore, heroin

opioid addiction rehab

Student Opioid Addiction Rehab

When young adults start using opioids, either in the form of painkillers or heroin, they do so without understanding the long-term consequences. By the time those consequences become a reality, those same young adults find themselves wrapped up in an insidious addiction. With any luck, they will find the strength to stop using and seek help from a treatment center that specializes in opioid addiction rehab. If you are a

heroin addiction rehab

Get Help for Loved Ones at Heroin Addiction Rehab

If you have been suffering through the process of watching a loved one deal with a heroin problem, you are indeed part of a unique group of people. All of you understand just how painful it can be to watch someone you care about fall apart because of an insidious substance. Hopefully, your loved one will find their way to recovery. Through intervention or otherwise, you should do everything in

I think i'm going through marijuana withdrawal

I Think I’m Going Through Marijuana Withdrawal

With all drugs, when an individual has been using and abusing one regularly and for a long period of time, abruptly stopping the use of that substance will cause withdrawal symptoms. This is no different for marijuana, and marijuana withdrawal is a surprisingly common occurrence. It’s important to note that marijuana withdrawal is not as serious or dangerous as withdrawal from other drugs like heroin or alcohol. But there are

If you dont know what are opioids you're not watching the news

If You Don’t Know What Are Opioids You’re Not Watching the News

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Before entering rehab, family and friends may ask the patient, “What are opioids?” For someone not familiar with drugs and addictions, this is a normal question to have. This type of drug includes legal and illegal chemicals that change how the mind works. Even when they are used according to a prescription, they can still be addictive. What Are Opioids? There are two basic answers to “What are opioids?” While

Drug Withdrawal

Am I Going Through Drug Withdrawal?

Drug withdrawal occurs when someone is physically dependent on a substance and suddenly cuts off or reduces the supply of that substance to their body. Because the body had previously become used to having that drug as a near-constant part of its system, the body will essentially be unable to function normally without the drug. Negative physical and mental side-effects will be the result. These are called withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes,

Meth recovery stages seem impossible at first

Meth Recovery Stages Seem Impossible At First

Meth is a harmful, highly addictive drug, and recovering from a meth addiction can seem overwhelming. While it is certainly challenging to break free from a dependency on methamphetamine, it is possible. By understanding the meth recovery stages and the importance of rehab, patients can begin their own paths to recovery. Meth Recovery Stages: 1 – Withdrawal This is the first of the meth recovery stages, and it typically lasts


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