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young girl wonders which of the types of eating disorders she suffers from

Understanding the Different Types of Eating Disorders

When dealing with an overwhelming addiction problem, it’s easy to disregard the impact of mental illness. However, drug and alcohol abuse often don’t occur alone. For example, types of eating disorders can have a devastating effect on someone’s life. They can also occur in conjunction with addiction. Understanding the interaction between eating disorders and substance abuse can help direct you towards the care you or your loved one may need.

teen wonders what is carfentanil

What is Carfentanil?

With the growing opioid epidemic, more and more people are dying each year in the United States from overdoses. During these turbulent times, it’s important to have an education about what kind of opioids are out there. Someone you love may have an addiction to these drugs and may be at risk of losing their life to addiction. A question you may have about this fatal epidemic is, “What is

evidence of eating disorders in teens

Types of Eating Disorders in Teens

The abuse of food is on par with the misuse of drugs or alcohol. The behavior directly affects the brain’s reward center. It seeks to stimulate it artificially. For many, it starts as eating disorders in teens before graduating to similar conditions in adulthood. Common Eating Disorders in Teens Although eating disorders seem to occur more frequently in teen girls, they also happen in boys. Don’t believe that your adolescent

individuals participating in one of the many types of group therapy

Common Types of Group Therapy

Therapy is an integral part of any rehab program. Experts agree that it helps people deal with the cause of their addiction. When it comes to therapy, one of the most helpful types is group counseling. What most people don’t know, however, is that there are several types of group therapy. What Is Group Therapy? Group counseling is a type of therapy that takes place in a group setting. A

man ponders the alcohol withdrawal timeline

Understanding the Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline

Many individuals struggle with alcohol abuse or addiction but don’t want to get help. Often, fear of withdrawal is a significant deterrent. By understanding the alcohol withdrawal timeline, clients can be more confident when heading into detox and rehab. Explore the timetable for alcohol withdrawal and begin planning for your total recovery. Deciding to Seek Help For Alcohol Addiction The first step in addiction recovery is acknowledging that there is

a woman after learning what is the 12 step program

What is the 12 Step Program?

If you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the great news is that there’s help available. When trying to get clean and sober, there’s a lot of information out there, which can get confusing. One question you may ask is, “What is the 12 step program I keep hearing about?” You’re about to learn about 12 step programs and how they’re so beneficial for your addiction recovery. What

man ponders the question what is rehab therapy

What is Rehab Therapy?

Proper rehabilitation is a significant part of recovering from the adverse effects of substance abuse and addiction. However, many people don’t fully understand what’s involved in this process. What is rehab therapy? What benefits does thorough rehabilitation provide? How can you take the right steps to seek adequate help? Learning the answers to these questions can help you find the road to your recovery. What is Rehab Therapy? As you

have you ever pondered the question what is rehab

What is Rehab?

If you’re like a lot of people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, you want to quit using. However, drugs can make you feel powerless to get the help you need. The first step to recovery is to enter rehab, but many might not know what rehab is. If you’re wondering, “What is rehab?”, the answer may pleasantly surprise you. Fearing Rehab For such a small word, “rehab” can be

young girl wonders what is rehab like

What Is Rehab Like?

When you start to consider addiction treatment for yourself, it’s normal to have questions. Doing something that you never have before can make you feel uncertain and scared. One of the biggest questions that you might have is, “What is rehab like?” Finding out what to expect should put your mind at ease.   An Overview of Rehab   When you’re wondering “what is rehab like?”, it’s common to wonder

woman wonders about the correct rehab definition

The Rehab Definition

What is the rehab definition? This is a question that many people ask when they or their loved ones suffer from addiction. However, the definition of rehab isn’t as cut and dry as they think. While there’s a simple definition in the dictionary, there’s more to rehab than what meets the eye. Rehab Definition Rehab is a course of treatment that helps people overcome an alcohol or drug dependency. In


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